Do you or a loved one have difficulty understanding what others are saying? Earzlink of Central and Southwest Ohio can help you find out if you have a correctable hearing loss. We offer Free evaluations to help determine if you can benefit from today’s quality hearing solutions.


When sounds that should enhance life become obstacles, we can help.  You can hear what you want to hear, even in the most complex listening environments, with Oticon’s OPNs, . The groundbreaking technology in OPN processes sound 50 times faster, giving your brain total access to the sounds around you. Because it works in harmony with your brain, it puts you, not your hearing aid – in charge of what you focus on. The result is you understand speech better with less effort. With Oticon OPN, you can open up to the world around you, and participate more in what life has to offer.

New Technology Versus Older

Recent studies show that Opn delivers best in class performance when listening to speech in noisy environments, especially when speech is coming from the side.


In complex listening environments where sound sources are many, dynamic and unpredictable, traditional hearing aid technology focuses on one sound source at a time. By reducing all other sound signals — speech and noise alike — it leaves the wearer with a narrowed and artificial listening experience.


Groundbreaking technology from Oticon is fast and precise enough to analyze and follow the dynamics of the soundscape and differentiate between speech and noise. By rapidly and precisely reducing noise, it allows you to access and handle multiple speakers simultaneously.


When you are not sure if you are ready for hearing aids, we offer a program that brings confidence to your decision... the Flex:Trial. The Flex:Trial program is a unique, three-step approach to better hearing that lets you experience the difference that hearing aids can make before you buy them. There is no upfront cost, no risk, and no commitment.

  1. Try It - If a simple hearing test determines that you’re a candidate for the Flex:Trial program, you’ll leave your appointment with trial hearing aids tailored to your exact hearing needs.

  2. Wear It - Wear the hearing aids at work, while out playing or at home relaxing and discover the difference they can make. No matter where your life takes you, you can get a true sense of how hearing aids feel and work and how they will affect your everyday activities.

  3. Love It - At the end of the trial, you decide if you love them. If so, they’re yours to purchase. If not, you can walk away and owe absolutely nothing. The decision is yours.

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