This all came about by a letter in the mail offering a 30-day trial. Thanks to my wife (hounding) I made an appointment, tried them for 30 days, purchased them, and have enjoyed life more. I have worn hearing aids for the past 25 years and the pair I have now are by far the best I have ever had in my life. Nothing replaces normal hearing but these have come pretty close for me.

Ralph S.  (Columbus, OH)

When you put the hearing instruments in my ears, I was shocked! It was so different from what I had experienced before. I could hear so much more clearly. That day, I wore them to the Chinese Restaurant for a social get together and I could hear the waitress extremely well. And the background noises, other patrons, were not disturbing to me. It was a very pleasant experience.

Lesley L.  (Hillsboro, OH)

The folks at Earzlink were very caring and compassionate.  They listened to my concerns and fit me with new Oticon instruments and what a difference it has made.  Now I'm wearing them all the time.  They are so comfortable I don't even know I am wearing them.  It's quite gratifying because now my hearing is coming back to a normal level.  I notice a phenomenal difference!

Bob Weist  (Lebanon, Ohio)


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